You learn something new everyday … if you’re lucky! ? It excites me when I?m on the trail of some information. It happens when I least expect it. Something will peak my interest that may have nothing to do with the main point, but I have to stop everything to investigate it. Friday the Thirteenth,…

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Inspiration for the Holidays, Pt. 1

Passion is catching. Words have power. Passionate words always stir me!? Even though I am not a member of any organized religion, I am often moved by the words and music of people who are inspired by their beliefs.? At Christmas,? I love the expression of awe and joy to be found in carols, oratorios,…

8 Dec, 2011

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Preparing for A Dickens Christmas

Christmas was close at hand, in all his bluff and hearty honesty; it was the season of hospitality, merriment, and open-heartedness; the old year was preparing, like an ancient philosopher, to call his friends around him, and amidst the sound of feasting and revelry to pass gently and calmly away.?? —The Pickwick Papers, Chapter 28,…

10 Nov, 2011


Norman Corwin

Norman Corwin is my hero. He first came to my attention when my father brought him as a guest speaker into one of his classes at USC.? (My father taught radio and television at USC for 25 years.) I believe that that was how Corwin later came to teach at USC, where he is still,…

16 Oct, 2011


The Crisis of Diminishing Imagination

We were born with minds capable of dreaming–creating wonderful romances, exciting adventures, horrible monsters, and just revenges to fulfill our needs for entertainment, to relish an opportunity, to nurture a budding love, or to mollify the injustices we?ve suffered. How many times have we lain awake, reliving the glory and joy of a triumph, or…

22 Sep, 2011


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8 Dec, 2011

Passion is catching. Words have power. Passionate words always stir me!? Even though I am not a memb...