You learn something new everyday … if you’re lucky!   It excites me when I’m on the trail of some information. It happens when I least...

Literature saves the day

Helen Borgers | To Be Read Aloud

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome My mother’s family told her not to consider marrying a man who had not read and loved this book. My father’s family had warned him of the unsuitability of taking as wife any woman who did not love this book. I guess that explains why they [&hellip

More Jazz Heroes--JazzAmerica

More Jazz Heroes–JazzAmerica

Helen Borgers | Music

On August 9th of this year, I emceed a 90th birthday salute to Buddy Collette. The kids from his JazzAmerica program opened the show and knocked my socks off!  A terrific big band, now under the direction of bassist Richard Simon, full of great soloists, with a lot of poise, maturity, and SWING!  They’re high [&hellip

Truth is at least as funny as fiction!

Helen Borgers | Thoughts

I was lucky to have been brought up on a wealth of wonderful literature, much of it bearing a surprising likeness to my own experience.  When I was young, I remember being embarrassed that these stories were so exactly like my life, when everyone around me seemed to be living lives of an entirely different [&hellip

Music That Changed My Life, Pt. 1

Helen Borgers | Music

The first record I ever owned was the Philadelphia Orchestra, directed by Eugene Ormandy, playing Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite on one side, and Swan Lake on the other. It was a gift to me when I turned five years old. I loved that record: it made me feel grown-up, the music was beautiful and, since I’d [&hellip