You learn something new everyday … if you’re lucky! ? It excites me when I?m on the trail of some information. It happens when I least expect it. Something will peak my interest that may have nothing to do with the main point, but I have to stop everything to investigate it. Friday the Thirteenth,…

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FROM BAGPIPES TO JAWS – A Journey Through Cyber Wonderland

I read an interesting article in the New Yorker the other day about ?going down the rabbit hole? on the internet. It was a reference to Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland, in which Alice pursues a rabbit, jumps down a rabbit hole, lands unharmed, but lost underground, among an assortment of strange characters in diverse settings….

26 Jun, 2015

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Explorations and Discoveries at the Goad Theatre

  Several years ago, I read Erik Larson’s book, Thunderstruck, which interweaves the stories of two men,?Guglielmo Marconi, creator of the wireless, and Hawley Crippen, ?England’s most notorious murderer since Jack the Ripper. ?Larson’s earlier book, The Devil in the White City, told a similar dual tale, with those involved in creating the first World’s…

25 Apr, 2015

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Actors — “They are the abstract and brief chronicles of the times [Hamlet]

Great People Inspire Us! “The theatre is as important as the Church was in the Middle Ages. It is a factory of thought, a prompter of conscience and elucidator of conduct, an armory against despair and dullness, and a temple of the ascent of man.”?? George Bernard Shaw “Do not try to push your way…

21 Apr, 2015

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Mark Twain versus William Shakespeare

These days, few, if any, serious scholars question the authorship of Shakespeare?s plays, but there are some enthusiasts who still cling to the idea that no humble lad from the country could ever soar to the heights of sophisticated knowledge and language displayed in the works of the Bard. This skepticism began to grow in…

1 Apr, 2015

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